BPD commissioner releases more video in excessive force case

BOSTON (WHDH) - New information has been released about a controversial encounter between an off-duty officer and a man walking in the Back Bay.

The officer, Edward Barrett, is scene trying to arrest the man, who Barrett said damaged his car.

The person behind the camera thought the officer was being too rough.

The clip was part of the evidence police used when deciding the officer was not too rough.

The commissioner said he wants the public’s trust.

“After we did the investigation there were still some doubters out there, so we got it right out,” he said.

The commissioner said with everything happening in Charlotte and around the country, he wants to be as transparent as possible. Mayor Marty Walsh said he agrees.

“In Boston if we have video, we let it out there, if it’s this incident in a crosswalk or a shooting,” he said. “I think people have more trust there if you have nothing to hide.”

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