Brookline boy saves baby brother from choking

BROOKLINE, MA (WHDH) - A Brookline boy is credited with saving his baby brother’s life after he started choking.

Ben Doctoross, 10, had just come home from school Monday afternoon with his brother Josh when they saw their 11-month-old brother Zachary started choking when the baby-sitter was feeding him.

“I thought my baby-sitter could fix it but it was more major than I thought it was,” said Ben. He called 911 then ran three blocks down the street to flag down his school crossing guard for help.

“I saw him running down and he goes, ‘My brother is choking, can you come up and help?’ So we turn around and started running down. He was in his bare feet,” said crossing gaurd Richard Malley.

Emergency crews arrived and Zachary was rushed to the hospital, where he was able to breathe again. Ben’s mother said she is very proud of her son.

“I’m so impressed,” said Cina Doctoross. “I can’t even believe he knew what to do and had the presence of mind in a crisis situation. It makes me so confident and proud of him.”

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