BREAKING: 30-day Orange Line shutdown coming as MBTA plans for overdue maintenance, per sources

A 30-day shutdown of the Orange Line is expected to be announced Wednesday, according to 7NEWS sources. Rail service would be replaced with shuttle busesRead More


Red Line construction equipment derails, causing shuttle buses to replace service

A piece of construction equipment derailed on the Red Line overnight, damaging its third rail and causing existing shuttle bus service to continue into theRead More

Red Line shuttle bus switches begin Monday night as MBTA continues work to meet safety mandates

Nightly service shutdowns for part of the Red Line are set to begin Monday as track work gets underway. Red Line service will be switchedRead More

Watch: Red Line train derailment example of incidents FTA hopes to curb with ‘safety standdown’

New video obtained by 7NEWS captures a June 23 Red Line train derailment; an example of the incidents that the Federal Transit Administration hopes toRead More

Green Line E Branch to partially close Aug. 6 for track work

The Green Line’s E Branch will stop between August 6 and August 21 for scheduled track work at some stations. The work will shut downRead More

MBTA-owned smoking manhole prompts partial shutdown of Green Line E branch

An MBTA-owned smoking manhole on Huntington Ave. is halting Green Line service on the E branch after the Brigham Circle stop, an MBTA spokesperson confirmed.Read More