Medford man shares story of recovery after scary fall

MEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - A Medford man said he feels lucky to be alive after a scary fall. He lost his balance at the top of some stairs, falling down and landing on his head. The man, TJ Scanlon, was stuck there for two days before he was finally found.

“I should have been dead…you look at the news, there’s no way I should have survived for two days with the injuries I had,” said TJ Scanlon.

TJ Scanlon said the last thing he remembers was getting back from a run. He said he reached for his keys on a high windowsill and lost his balance. He fell 20 feet onto his head.

“I was paralyzed, so I couldn’t even move the entire time I was down even if I wanted to. So you could say I was pretty much clinging to life at that point,” said TJ Scanlon.

When coworkers found him 48 hours later, he took a turn for the worse.

“They took me into shock trauma as I was in cardiac arrest,” said TJ Scanlon. “I was technically dead for 90 minutes,” he added.

“I prayed to God, I prayed to my husband, I said ‘Please don’t take TJ from me,’” said Deb Scanlon, TJ’s mother.

Those prayers were answered two weeks later when TJ Scanlon finally came to.

He said he immediately felt grateful to be alive. After nearly a year of recovery, he’s finally ready to live on his own again.

“I think the accident was meant to happen, but I think I was definitely meant to survive it,” said TJ Scanlon.

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