Better than expected morning commute as toll demolition continues

WESTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Toll booths across the Mass Pike have started coming down.

All weekend, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation demolished toll booths across the state. Monday was the first weekday where toll demolition took place during the commute, and traffic was, surprisingly, relatively smooth.

State leaders said transportation was six to 10 percent lighter. This number meant many people heeded officials’ warnings and changed their commute or sought other forms of transportation.

Over the next few weeks, crews will tear down the center booths as the Mass Pike goes to all electronic tolling. The roads are expected to be repaved.

“It was super easy today. There was no traffic. I thought it was a holiday or something,” said Lisa Guinard, a commuter.

“I did leave a little bit earlier and I was surprised to see there wasn’t a lot of traffic I guess everyone else left early too,” said Katie Whipple, another commuter.

State leaders said it may not be as smooth on Tuesday. Gov. Charlie Baker said the current focus is to get as much work done as possible before Thanksgiving.

At this time, they’re ahead of schedule; officials said more than half of all the old toll booths are already torn down.

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