Michael Phelps joins runners along Charles River

BOSTON (WHDH) - US Olympian Michael Phelps went for a run along the Charles River Tuesday morning ahead of the Forbes “Under 30” summit.

A large crowd turned out to go for a two-mile run with the Olympic swimmer.

Phelps was seen wearing a Red Sox hat during his run.

The Boston University pep band was also there to greet the runners.

Phelps is just one of the big names in Boston for the summit.

Actor Ashton Kutcher and Actress Jessica Alba are leading panels during this week’s event.

Alba, who co-founded a billion-dollar company, had wise words for businessmen and women chasing their dreams.

“I think for any entrepreneur out there, when you are faced with challenges you can’t let them define you,” she said. “You really should use them as an opportunity for you to grow and learn from them.”

Other scheduled speakers include Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and Chef Bobby Flay.

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