Boston Police officer shot in East Boston discharged from hospital

EAST BOSTON (WHDH) — One of two Boston Police officers who were shot in East Boston last week has been released from the hospital.

Boston Police announced via Twitter Wednesday Officer Richard Cintolo was discharged from the hospital.

“He’s happy to be home and grateful for the outpouring of prayers and support,” Boston Police said.

Officer Matt Morris, the second officer injured in the shootout, is still recovering in the hospital.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said Wednesday, “So happy to see Richie sent home.”

Boston Police responded to a call for a possible domestic incident at 136 Gladstone St. before 11 p.m. on Oct. 12 night.

Kirk Figueroa, 33, is accused of shooting two officers in Boston following a domestic incident. Figueroa was sworn in as a constable in the city of Boston in July of 2016.

Figueroa’s roommate said they had been arguing about the apartment’s heat when Figueroa threatened him with a knife.

When police arrived on the scene, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said Figueroa displayed a rifle and opened fire. Officers exchanged gunfire with Figueroa, who was wearing a ballistic vest, before he was shot and killed.

The two policemen were immediately treated by fellow police officers before the arrival of emergency medical teams. Evans said Morris was hit in an artery in his leg and a fellow officer treated him with a tourniquet. Evans said this was instrumental in possibly saving the Morris’s life.

Nine others were admitted to Tufts Medical Center for stress and other injuries.

Figueroa was not licensed to carry a firearm in Massachusetts. Figueroa had no criminal record in Massachusetts but was charged in another state with impersonating a police officer. Figueroa’s car, which resembles a police cruiser, was towed from the scene on Gladstone Street Thursday morning.

Police obtained a search warrant of the home where the shooting took place and will continue an independent investigation.

Cintolo is a 27-year veteran who was shot four times.

Speaking from his hospital bedside, Officer Morris thanked the officer who put his hands into a bullet wound to stop the bleeding of his severed artery and applied a life-saving tourniquet.

Morris, who once received a bravery award, was shot three times. The officer who applied the tourniquet was just trained on how to use it last week.


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