Police capture NH inmate who escaped, attempted to steal cars

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) - A New Hampshire inmate was captured after escaping and attempting to steal cars on Thursday in Manchester.

On Thursday around 8 a.m., a police officer was flagged down by a citizen and pointed to a man wearing an orange Hillsborough County House of Corrections inmate jumpsuit.

Seeing the officer, the inmate immediately fled into the woods near Prime Gas, running toward Firestone Tire Center.

Officers in the area chased and quickly captured the inmate in a Market Basket parking lot.

The inmate, who was still in ankle and belt shackles, was identified as 50-year-old Kevin Gearhart of Manchester.

According to police, Gearhart hid himself inside the garage area of the facility while being escorted along with eight other inmates into a transport van.

Once the van exited the garage, Gearhart left his hiding place and fled while the garage door was closing.

Police said when he ran away from the correctional facility, Gearhart attempted to enter a car. The owner of the car was dropping it off for service when she saw him peer into the car. He was scared off and ran away.

He then attempted to steal a car parked at the gas station while the owner was inside the store.

The owner shouted at Gearhart, who again ran away. Police were then notified and pointed in the direction of where Gearhart had ran away.

He was released back to the house of correction and will be arraigned on Friday on charges of escape and attempted theft.

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