Spencer firefighter accused of filming nude woman at gym

SPENCER, Mass. (WHDH) – A Spencer firefighter was arrested after police said he filmed a naked woman in a tanning booth at the gym.

The owner of Guaranteed Fitness said on Saturday, Duane Stephens stuck his cellphone through a vent and videotaped the woman. According to a police report, the woman screamed when she saw the camera and got dresses. Witnesses said they saw Stephen sprint out of the gym. The gym’s owner said the entire thing was caught on the building’s surveillance cameras.

Police said Stephens made a written statement to them reading, “I, Duane Stephens, was dumb and took pictures of an innocent nude woman in the gym.”

Stephens was hired as a part-time firefighter in Spencer during its most recent recruitment class. The Iraq War veteran has a 6-year-old child and he and his wife are expecting their second.

Initially, police said Stephens denied filming the woman and a search of his phone came up empty. Eventually, police said Stephens confessed that he did it and admitted to deleting the video off his phone.

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