Suspect in 2005 Massachusetts slaying caught in Florida

HOLYOKE, Mass. (AP) — A man identified as a suspect soon after a fatal drive-by shooting in Massachusetts 11 years ago has been captured in Florida.

Local, state and federal law enforcement announced Thursday that 40-year-old Joey Camacho faces a murder charge in connection with the March 2005 shooting of Jesse Rosario in Holyoke.

The 25-year-old Rosario was shot on a city street. Authorities said then the victim was shot over a drug debt.

Camacho was identified as a suspect in 2005, but disappeared.

Police say Camacho was living in Miami and using the name Gerald Torres. He was recently pulled over for a traffic violation and police determined that Torres’ and Camacho’s fingerprints were the same.

The suspect remains in Florida pending rendition and it couldn’t immediately be determined if he has a lawyer.

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