Family members of the 28-year-old suspect in the deadly Taunton stabbing spree said they do not know what could have made him go on a rampage and criticized the hospital for not treating him properly.

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn said Arthur Darosa, 28, left his son’s soccer practice Tuesday evening and entered a home on Myricks Street. Officials said Darosa chose the house at random and his family said he did not know the people who lived there. Inside, Quinn said Darosa stabbed 80-year-old Patricia Slavin and her daughter, Kathleen. Patricia Slavin was killed and her daughter seriously injured.

Darosa then drove to the Silver City Galleria Mall, where Quinn said he crashed his car into the entrance at Macy’s and ran inside, where he assaulted three women. He then went to the Bertucci’s, where Quinn said he attacked a waitress. Another man was stabbed to death as he tried to save the waitress from Darosa. He was then shot and killed by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.

Family members said Darosa struggled with mental health issues. Quinn said Darosa’s sister indicated he had been acting in a “disturbed” manner and checked himself into Morton Hospital. His family said Darosa checked himself into the hospital Monday evening and was discharged early Tuesday morning. Relatives said Darosa was not on any medication and told them he was going to the hospital because he needed help.

Family friend Erica Wrightington said Darosa got no diagnosis from Morton Hospital and called the hospital a “disgrace” for not helping him. She said everything could have been prevented if he was kept at the hospital and not discharged.

“He was not a terrorist. He was somebody’s child,” said Wrightington. “He wasn’t an animal.” Darosa’s aunt Liz Darosa described him as a “loving father” to his two children, who are 3 and 5 years old.

Darosa’s family said they are “deeply sorry” for the families of the victims and said they do not know why he did this, saying he just “snapped.”

Court records show Darosa was charged with several offenses in recent years, including violent assaults. Most were dismissed and records show he served no jail time. Quinn said there is no evidence to suggest that Darosa’s previous record had anything to do with what happened in Taunton on Tuesday.

Statement from Morton Hospital:

“Morton Hospital extends our thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of yesterday’s events. We also want to express our appreciation to law enforcement officers and to emergency medical personnel including those within Morton Hospital who delivered critical response services during these events to help prevent further loss of life or injury.

Under federal law, Morton Hospital is barred from acknowledging patient names or disclosing any form of confidential patient information. This law extends to patients whose evaluations and assessments are legally required to be led and conducted by third parties selected through MassHealth.

Any questions regarding evaluations performed by state contractors should be directed to the appropriate state agency.”

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