Westford Academy disinfects school after four reports of MRSA

WESTFORD, MA (WHDH) - Officials at Westford Academy are warning parents after some students have been diagnosed with MRSA and Staph infections.

Three of the cases are students on the football team, along with a fourth student who is not an athlete, have been affected.

Superintendent Everett Olsen says the school has called in extra custodians to disinfect locker rooms, gym mats and equipment Wednesday.

Olsen said it is impossible to know where the bacteria came from.

“We have instructed students with towels or gym clothing that they’re transporting back and forth to school to thoroughly launder those,” Olsen said.

All coaches will also review with their athletes the signs and symptoms as well as methods to prevent Staph infections.

There are no classes scheduled for Thursday, but students are expected to return as normal on Friday.



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