Weston students warned after inappropriate photos found on fake Snapchat account

WESTON, MA (WHDH) - Weston High School sophomores were warned by their principal Tuesday after explicit photos were allegedly posted to a fake account on Snapchat.

An assembly with the entire sophomore class was held Tuesday morning to alert everyone that a fake account may have tricked sophomore boys into sending naked pictures of themselves. Weston Superintendent Bob Tremblay said it does not look like female students were targeted. Tremblay said it is also unknown if the person behind the account is a student at Weston High School or not.

“I’m very shocked, I guess,” said Weston High School sophomore Catherine Tilton. “No one really knows who it is yet.”

Police said no victims have come forward and no photos have been seen, so they are unable to investigate the claim. Students were told to contact police if they knew anything about the explicit pictures.

Tremblay called the incident a “teachable moment” to show teenagers they need to be careful online.

“It’s an opportunity to reflect as parents with our kids, to say, ‘Be mindful of what you’re being asked to give out there.’ You don’t know who’s on the other end of a computer,” said Tremblay.

Students were reminded that sending compromising pictures qualifies as disseminating child pornography.

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