Woman accused of encouraging boyfriend to commit suicide appears in court

TAUNTON (WHDH) - A woman who police say encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide appeared in court on Friday.

Michelle Carter’s boyfriend, Conrad Roy, killed himself at the age of 18.

Roy was asphyxiated after starting up a gas water pump in a pickup truck with the windows closed.

According to police, she encouraged him via text message to do so.

On Friday, her attorney argued some statements she made to investigators after he died should be thrown out.

Carter and her parents had no comment after the hearing.

A Fairhaven Police detective and other officers interviewed Carter at her high school two years ago.

Carter insisted then she tried to help Roy, not hurt him.

“When I had personal issues, what I got help for, in, um, June. And I told him that, we need you to come with me and get the help that he needed,” Carter said in the interview.

Carter gave police her phone and passcodes.

Her lawyer said she was a suspect and should have been read her rights. He wants the judge to rule that interview, and information gathered as a result of it inadmissible.

Prosecutors said the law requires police to give suspects their rights only after they are told they are suspects.

The next hearing is Dec. 1.

The judge in this case said he will decide by then whether the interviews will be admissible in court.

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