‘Look how big it is’: Hunters claim to have spotted Bigfoot roaming mountains

(WHDH) — Hunters claim to have recently spotted the mythical and legendary creature known as Bigfoot walking in the mountains in Utah.

Austin M. Craig shared a video on Youtube that showed what he claimed to be the sasquatch lurking in the mountains above Provo.

“Seriously look how big it is,” a man’s voice could be heard saying in the video. “It’s just chilling.”

While the video does not show a closeup of the creature, a large, dark figure can be seen from a great distance away.

“I don’t think it is a human, I think it’s a sasquatch,” the man said. “He’s on the mountain, way far back on the mountain. But look how huge he is.”

A child’s voice could also be heard saying, “This is the coolest thing ever.”

There have been multiple Bigfoot sighting in Provo in the past, according to the Daily Herald.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization compiles a list of reported sightings in the United States.

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