Lottery fever hits region as Mega Millions soars to $1.6 billion, Powerball to $620 million

BOSTON (WHDH) - The sign on the front door of the 7-Eleven on Cambridge Street in Boston says it all: “Can’t win if you don’t play.”

The historic $1.6 billion jackpot plus a separate $620 million Powerball jackpot have whipped lottery fans into a frenzy.

The odds are microscopic but the excitement is astronomical.

“I don’t care what the odds are,” said Misael Garcia. “I’m feeling lucky, so I might as well just go for it, right?”

The 7-Eleven has sold hundreds of quick pick tickets. Others have handpicked their digits of destiny.

Offices nationwide are pooling their cash as well, but be warned, winning office pools have led to lawsuits before.

Lawyers say make sure you create rules for your lottery pool, get everything in writing, and make photocopies for each pool member.

But the players 7News spoke with are less concerned about legalities and more focused on their legacies.

“I’m a retired teacher, so I’d like to open my own school,” said Joan Duane.

Garcia had other plans.

“A lot of things I could do with that, especially paying off loans, buying homes.”

Sharlene Estacio said she could “do good, hope some of the homeless out here.”

She added, “Oh, (and) I’ll definitely keep some for myself.”

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