Lovely Spring Day

I realize this winter has been tough for those who love snow but after last winter….I can *almost* feel bad for you….certainly if you make money off of the snow but otherwise, this winter has been fantastic! A real touch of spring with temps bouncing into the 60s and no sign of any bitterly cold air this week. You can scratch off another week in for winter 2015-2016.

We actually had a cool front move through here this afternoon, sending temps from the 60s to the 50s (40s in the Worcester Hills) but this front does not have any arctic air. That means Taco Tuesday is a cooler day than today but the numbers will make the low-mid 40s….still about 5-10 degrees above normal! Sunshine is with us as well.

Wednesday sees another day of near-record warmth with many towns reaching the upper 50s late in the day. the trade-off with this next batch of spring is a storm. The storm will bring rain & wind into New England but also warm air. Rain arrives just after noon & is with us until pre-dawn Thursday with most towns getting just under an inch of rain. Wind at the coast is quite fiesty Wednesday evening making for a nasty (yet mild) evening commute.

This storm is gone by Thursday and so are the spring-like temps. Sunshine is around for Thursday & Friday with temps on Thursday in the 40s & 30s on Friday.

Ms G, Massachusetts own ground hog out at Drumlin Farm, will likely see her shadow tomorrow (meaning 6 more weeks of winter) but long range charts just don’t agree…..colder next week but it’s not likely to stick as warmer weather should make a return by mid month. Can you dig it?