Lowell High School cancels class due to lack of heat

LOWELL, Mass. (WHDH) — Lowell High School canceled class Wednesday after school officials said parts of the building have no heat.

School officials said several classrooms in the school do not have heat. It was so cold inside, a basketball game in the gym was briefly put on hold after a pipe burst, flooding the court. Students told 7News they are relieved with the decision because the school has had heating problems for awhile.

“It’s great because you don’t have to be sitting there with a jacket on all day,” said junior Michaela Martinez. “Especially when you’re walking through the tunnels, it’s like you’re walking outside. It’s not even like you’re inside.”

Parents said they appreciate teachers letting their children wear jackets during class but are frustrated that this is a problem.

“It’s not a working environment and it’s not a learning environment for the kids,” said Jessica Hardy.

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