Lowell lawmaker calls for city-wide ban on pit bulls after 7-year-old’s death

LOWELL, MASS. (WHDH) - A Lowell lawmaker said he plans to call for a city-wide bans on pit bulls after the tragic death of a 7-year-old boy.

In 2011, city councilor Rodney Elliot tried to ban pit bulls in Lowell. The ordinance passed but the next year the state passed a law saying cities and towns like Lowell can’t prohibit specific breeds of dogs.

“I personally think that the ordinance that we had in place, and maybe even make it a little bit tougher, would have prevented this,” said Elliot.

Elliot said he plans to bring up the ban at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

On Saturday, a ball the boy was playing with rolled into a fenced area and the child went in after it, according to witnesses. Two 100-pound pit bulls then went after the boy and mauled him to death.

“I always said ‘don’t play with those dogs,’ and he said ‘no, I know these dogs. They’re never going to bite me,” said Alitza Rosado, a friend of the boy.

A memorial honoring the young boy continues to grow following a vigil held Sunday.

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