After a couple of days of giving only scripted answers, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had his most extensive comments of Super Bowl week.

“All week I told y’all what’s up and for some reason y’all continue to come back,” he said at a news conference on Thursday.

“I don’t know what story you want. I don’t know what image y’all wanna portray me. But it don’t matter what y’all think, what y’all say about me. When I go home at night, the same people I look in the face, my family that I love, that’s all I need. So y’all can make up whatever you wanna make up. I don’t say enough.

“You shove microphones and cameras in my face. When I’m home, I don’t see y’all, but you’re mad at me.”

He also praised his teammates, Oakland, California, and the Family First Foundation. When asked who is the best player on the Seahawks, he said: “All of them.”

As he has all week, Lynch stayed five minutes before leaving.

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