Lynn man accused of taking Warhols, selling fake ones online

BOSTON (AP) — Authorities say a Massachusetts man took two Andy Warhol paintings from his college friend and then pretended to sell them on eBay, but delivered fakes instead.

Federal prosecutors say 43-year-old Brian Walshe, of Lynn, told his friend that he would sell the Warhols for him for a good price then took the paintings and stopped responding to his friend’s calls and emails.

Prosecutors say Walshe listed the paintings on eBay and a buyer in California agreed to pay $80,000 for the pair, but ended up getting fakes. When the buyer tried to get a refund, Walshe made excuses for delaying and only returned some of the money.

Walshe is charged with wire fraud and is being held pending a hearing Friday. His attorney didn’t immediately respond to an email Thursday.

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