Lynn police officers deliver and revive baby at house

LYNN, MA (WHDH) - Two Lynn police officers delivered a baby at a house in Lynn and then revived him when they saw he was not breathing.

The baby’s mother, Yesica Pojoy, was unable to make it to the hospital while in labor Monday night and her husband Neptali called 911. Pojoy said she was afraid but when she saw the police officers arrive, she knew she would be fine.

The two officers, Jennifer Almonte and Kelly Aylward, went to work. Baby Evan was born in the hallway of his family’s apartment building within a few minutes of Almonte and Aylward arriving.

“She was such a trooper, she just did such a great job, she was such a strong woman,” said Almonte.

There was a scary moment right after Evan was born when the officers discovered he was blue and not breathing. They were able to revive him and he and his mother were taken to North Shore Children’s Hospital. Both Evan and his mother are now doing fine.

Almonte, a registered nurse, has now delivered three babies while working as a police officer.

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