Lynn referee attacked after giving out red card

LYNN, Mass. (WHDH) — Omar Garcia sustained stitches, a black eye and a broken facial bone after reffing a soccer game for the US Latin Men's League at a field on Magnolia Avenue in Lynn.

“One guy come to me and punch my face. I don't remember nothing,” said victim, Omar Garcia.

The 36-year-old spent two days in the hospital following the beating and is now back home in bed, in pain. His wife and kids by his side were at the game and witnessed the violent attack.

“One kicked him in my dad’s leg and one hit him in the face and the mouth,” said Kevin Garcia, the victim’s son.

According to the Lynn police report, Garcia was punched in the face and then kicked after being knocked to the ground. All this after he handed out a red card to a player who swore at him not once but twice.

Police arrested 32-year-old Hugo Mansilla on charges that included assault and battery. Mansilla's two brothers are also being charged. Family members of the men accused were stunned by the charges.

“I’ve always seen them play soccer, but never like that, so to me it’s shocking,” said one family member.

At Garcia's home, shock and sadness that anyone would think of lashing out at a soccer ref who was just doing his job.

Garcia's wife said he may need plastic surgery as he continues to recover.

The men accused denied any involvement in the brawl. Garcia said he has been reffing games for years and it has never turned violent on the field.