high school – Farrell, Pa.
college – Youngstown University  – 5 years  – B.A. in physics


steel mill employee – 4 years  (  college at night  )
street lighting research and development engineer – 14 years

HPS lamp development and product engineering manager with global responsibilities  – 6 years  that introduced me  to planned obsolescence and outsourcing.  (Consequently  I gave up engineering, studied economic history and  theory for the next 10 years,  and boiled it all down to a book — For a Fair America;  the cure for our sick  economy )

lumber yard employee – 12 years, machinist – 8 years


born 2-23-42 in Sharon, Pa.

1st marriage – 1 year

2nd marriage – 30 years and counting – 2 stepsons


1996 run for Congress, 2014 candidate for Congress

My parents’ best advice:   ” Use the mind God gave you ! “

Core religious belief:     ” My kingdom is not of this world ”  said Jesus;    — and so Man is god on Earth, because we can make it heaven or hell.

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