It is time to change the culture in Washington, D.C. Current members of Congress are not providing the leadership required to get it done. New leadership is needed. Let’s break the deadlock in a “do-nothing” Congress. With your help, we can do what it takes to clean up Washington, D.C., clean up Wall Street, fight against income inequality, fight for campaign finance reform, overturn the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions, lower the cost of health care, establish a national mental health care policy, help protect the environment, protect privacy, restore due process and educate the next generation. Make your vote count. The U.S requires a modern, effective national energy policy that protects our environment. Here’s a great idea, let’s build a national aqueduct and tie that into building new hydroelectric power plants. Let’s lessen our reliance on coal fired power plants. More, let’s capture greenhouse gases. Let’s put an end hydraulic fracturing, “fracking”, for natural gas the way it’s done now. I’m a student of Environmental Policy because our future is so important. Let’s build a green energy economy for the future.Gun violence is, in part, a mental health issue. The CDC reports 60% of gun violence is from suicide. Addiction is a mental health issue. America requires a modern, effective comprehensive national mental health policy.Senator Warren says she can’t get the ‘Buffett Rule’ passed. Isn’t that why, in part, she was elected? Our current Representative in the 6th Congressional District is not part of the answer. I vow this promise to work in congress with Senator Warren to make the ‘Buffett Rule’ happen. I am the only candidate with roots in both Essex and Middlesex Counties, the counties in our district. My family has owned a house in Rockport since 1944 and originally hails from Wilmington. The good people in District 6 deserve better. Together we of the North Shore can fight against politics as usual. Members of  congress are sent to our nation’s capital to work on our nation’s problems, to achieve compromise, find middle ground and improve American’s lives. I promise to fight for what’s right, to reach out to the other side of the aisle and to achieve real results. I am the only candidate in this election with fresh ideas. For these reasons, I’m the best candidate to represent your voice in Congress. With your vote in September’s 2014 Democratic Primary, we can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right. 

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