MADD pushes for new drunk driving bill at State House

BOSTON (WHDH) - Mothers Against Drunk Driving called for change at the State House Friday.

Members of the organization met to push for a bill that would require people who get arrested for drunk driving to get a breathalyzer device installed in their car, either until charges are dropped or for 13 months if convicted.

One mother, whose son was killed by a drunk driver, begged for lawmakers to pass the bill.

“Anyone and everyone who has been damaged or destroyed by a single selfish decision to get behind that wheel, this is not a do-over,” the mother said. “It should be a one and done. I beg of you, please do not delay in taking up this bill this weekend.  Please pass this bill so nobody else will have to live with this pain.”

The breathalyzer device doesn’t allow a car to start until a driver blows a clean test.

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