Maine lobsterman’s buoy found in France

ADDISON, Maine (AP) – A Maine lobsterman’s buoy has been found 2,500 miles away from his boat.

WCSH-TV reports Adrian Batson offered Gilbert Mellaza some Maine lobster to ship his buoy from where it washed up in Brest, France.

Mellaza had posted a photo of the buoy on a Facebook group called, “Lost at Sea.” Members of the group used its ID number to track it back to Batson.

Batson says the buoy’s design is from 15 years ago. He knows because he paints each of his more than 600 buoys its own color.

Mellaza says he often finds trash from Canada, Maine and Massachusetts, and he worries about the environment.

Batson says his buoys break apart to protect sea life. He plans to give the buoy to one of his grandchildren.

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