Maine might ban corporations from making campaign donations

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Lawmakers in Maine might ban corporations from contributing directly to state legislators or their political action committees.

The proposal before the Maine Legislature was sponsored by Democratic Senate President Troy Jackson and Democratic Sen. Louis Luchini, Maine Public reported. The proposal has the support of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, which has testified in favor of it.

The proposal would stop corporations from donating to candidate campaigns or leadership PACs. John Brautigam, the legal counsel for Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, said corporate contributions “can be used to increase a corporation’s influence over public policy and to push back against the public interest.”

More than 20 other states have similar bans. Maine’s bill still allows employees of corporations to work together to make contributions to candidates and leadership PACs.

The bill would require approval from the full Maine Legislature. It is under consideration by the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee.

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