Maine’s rural living fair out to get everyone’s goat

UNITY, Maine (AP) — Maine’s annual celebration of rural living is taking place this weekend with demonstrations about everything from milking your own goats to adeptly wielding a chain saw.

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s Common Ground Country Fair began Friday and runs through Sunday. It’s one of the longest-running rural living festivals in the country and attracts thousands of people to Unity.

This year’s events include “Teach Your Horse To Wait And Other Useful Skills, “Humanure: It’s A Resource” and “4-H Goat Showing & PB Sandwich Game.” There’s even an event called “Vegetable Orchestra” that is scheduled for Sunday morning and promises pumpkin drums and potato ocarinas.

The events range from practical skill-building to lectures. Some, such as “What Connecting With Horses Helps Us To See,” straddle the line of both.

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