Supremely divine today. A stellar summer day – complete with a cooling sea breeze that kept us right around 80 in Boston. Some would call this a top ten day…and who am I to argue?

Another one on tap to round out the weekend Sunday. Summer sun will bake us back to the 80s in most spots. No mystery here with a warm upper atmosphere and bright sunshine. Sea breezes once again make an appearance during the afternoon, keeping most beaches in the upper 70s.

Heading into the new week, the weather will get a “little iffy”. Sea breezes should knock down any thunder threat inside 495 on Monday, but the system that triggers them will be right on top of us on Tuesday. That particular day looks wetter, but not every minute of the day. And that seems to be a theme that plays out in the following days. Wednesday is mostly dry, but Thursday & Friday the showers threaten again. Blame it on weak weather systems: good at making clouds, but lousy on making widespread rain.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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