Tenacious storm!

Started around 5am, and, as of this typing, the snow is still flying. Anything left out there now is negligible and weak in terms of accumulations, but we could still see flakes flying through 9-10 o’clock in some part of Southern New England. Not much of a concern to the forecast, but in terms of your psyche, you probably just want this to end.

And then there were three. (Bands of snow.) Last batch over New York will shrivel up this evening, but I think it has enough push to pop up a few snow showers as it passes through Greater Boston and the South Shore/SE Mass. between 9-10pm. This will be the time when the cold will rush down through the Rts. 24, 3 and onto the Cape.

Fair warning: if you don’t clean it up, it will freeze hard after midnight.

Some thawing in direct sun over the next few days, but little in the way of warming in the forecast – and it’s worth mentioning no bitter air either.

Weekend storm is not looking as menacing or powerful. The system should remain far to our south, but as it passes by late Sunday it may try to grab onto Massachusetts and swipe us with some minor accumulations (close pass) or snowflakes/flurries (farther offshore).
It’s hitching a ride on the southern branch of the jetstream, so it’s NOT a lock for heavy snow in Southern New England. In fact, this may be one of the times the cold air (indicated by the northern branch of the jet below) steers the storm AWAY from Southern New England.

Don’t want to sound the all clear yet, but we’re certainly not staring down a blockbuster storm like we feared yesterday.


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