‘Make way for ducklings’: DCR employee jumps into sewer near Esplanade to rescue 8 ducklings

BOSTON (WHDH) - The famous phrase “Make way for ducklings,” has taken on a whole new meaning for DCR staffer TJ Ruddock, who rescued eight ducklings from a sewer along the Esplanade in Boston on Tuesday.

“Me and my coworker were just doing our morning duties, getting the park ready for everyone about to come in. And a woman actually flagged us down, talking about how a duck was running around a sewer and she could hear the babies down there,” he said.

Ruddock and his coworker knew they had to at fast, so they pulled off the sewer grate and started scooping the ducklings up one by one.

But, the baby birds were scared and kept jumping away.

That is when Ruddock decided to throw on his high-water boots and jump inside the sewer where the ducklings were hiding behind a pipe.

Meanwhile, the anxious mother duck stood by and let the workers handle everything.

“She was kind of just running around in circles, just waiting for them to come out. And every time one came out, she would just run right over to it,” Ruddock said.

All eight ducklings were brought to safety and Ruddock said he was happy to help.

“Working for the DCR, you gotta be ready,” he said. “They tell you you gotta help anyone and anything at any time, so they really instill those values in you just to be there for anyone.”