Making It Better

I’m digging folks.

No, not for pavement or soil. And not for the bulbs I planted last fall or the shovel that got buried before the blitz. I’m digging for signs of spring.

I think you’re well aware of the records, the snowpack, the cold stretch. But let’s turn the page and talk about how we physically get to spring – and milder temperatures.

In New England, it can happen gradually or suddenly. Some seasons we turn it around in a matter of a week and never look back. Other seasons, it’s like pulling teeth. Old Man Winter only goes kicking and screaming, and every storm has a threat for some accumulating snow – even if they eventually change to rain. In addition, several cold days follow brief warmups, and it never seems like we establish a warming trend.

I’ll give you one guess as to which mode we’re in this year.

That doesn’t mean we’re never going to see warmer weather. I’m just trying to prepare you for the long haul ahead. With that said (typed), it’s time to confront the forecast.

After a bright start tomorrow, a quick burst of snow will arrive by late evening (after the commute) and spill into Tuesday night. A good 2-3 inches of snow is expected in a short period of time between 8 and midnight. After that, we’re over to mix and eventually rain.

Biggest message is the major warmup for Wednesday. I thought 50s were within reach, but that may be a reach. We’ll settle for mid 40s instead. (Watch for falling ice of buildings!)

The final round of wintry weather for the week comes Thursday morning. It’s essentially part two of Tuesday night’s weather system – with a colder slant. Up to 3-6 inches of snow is possible in this go-round. Exiting by afternoon on Thursday.

Thereafter, it’s all quiet. As we continue to dig.