BOSTON (WHDH) - As many children learn from home, something as simple as how they’re sitting can impact their day.

Occupational therapist Karen Jacobs says good posture is important for children during long hours of remote learning.

“When we have good posture, it helps us work more efficiently and there’s less fatigue and strain on the body,” she explained.

Jacobs says that students should get enough support on their back when sitting.

“Make sure your back is at the back of your chair, and what we want to do is make sure that our hips have even weight on them when we’re sitting back,” she said.

Jacobs added that it is also important to focus on where the feet are placed.

“Boxes are great to use as footrests,” she continued. “In fact, right now I’m using my yoga blocks as a footrest so making sure our feet are supported.”

Keyboard position can improve a student’s posture as well.

“We want to make sure the keyboard sits just below the seated or standing height of the elbow,” she said.

Parents and guardians can experiment with seating to find ones their children like.

“There’s research that shows kids learn better and retain better when they’re able to move,” said Patti Clark of Lakeshore Learning.

Clark sells chairs with some movement built-in.

“A cantilever chair is a chair that the frame is designed so kids can rock back and forth, the chair actually has some movement,” she described.

Those chairs can cost more than $100 but a cheaper option, wobbling cushions, is available for about $20.

Taking time to stand can also help students during remote learning.

“Taking breaks is really important and it’ll help keep the child, student, really engaged,” Jacobs said.

She added that if parents or guardians can spend the money, getting their child a headset and an external keyboard for their laptop can help with posture as well.

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