Man accused of killing 4 found competent to stand trial

GROTON, Mass. (AP) — A recent college graduate charged with fatally beating his mother, grandparents and their caretaker with a baseball bat in Groton has been found competent to stand trial.

Orion Krause has completed a 40-day mental health evaluation, but the 22-year-old will remain at Bridgewater State Hospital. He is charged with four counts of murder and has pleaded not guilty.

Judge Margaret Guzman ordered Friday that records of the mental health evaluation remain sealed.

Krause’s attorney Edward Wayland said he had asked for Krause to be kept at Bridgewater to help ensure he continues to receive his medications and treatment.

Krause was naked and covered in mud and cuts when officers found him at a neighbor’s house, according to the documents.

According to police, Krause told officers: “I murdered four people.”

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