Man accused of posting as federal drug enforcement agent

KENSINGTON, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man has been accused of impersonating a Drug Enforcement Administration agent.

Police in Kensington charged 35-year-old James Behen, Jr., of Newmarket, with four counts of false personation. They say he approached a police officer on July 19 about a traffic summons issued to his wife a few minutes earlier. He identified himself as a DEA agent in Manchester.

Police said the officer was suspicious of Behen’s story. They confirmed he’s never worked for the DEA.

Behen was arrested and arraigned last week. Police said he had a handgun, a federal law enforcement badge, a bulletproof vest with police markings, and blue and red emergency lights mounted on the front passenger side visor.

It wasn’t immediately known if Behen had a lawyer and a number couldn’t be found for him.

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