Man arrested after 13-year-old New Bedford girl bit by pit bull during altercation

NEW BEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - A man is facing criminal charges after a 13-year-old New Bedford girl was bitten several times by a pit bull during an altercation in the street last Friday.

Cellphone video captured a violent fight and dog attack on Linden Street.

“The dog ran on me, scratched my knee (because) my legs were up trying to get the dog off,” said Victoria.

Victoria says she was fighting with another girl when she was attacked by the dog.

She was bitten several times, but eventually got the dog off and went to the hospital.

“He bit me on my back, and then I was trying to get up, it bit me on my arm,” she said.

Victoria says at first, the dog’s owner tried using the dog to scare her and other kids who were arguing in the street.

But when Victoria started fighting with another girl, that’s when the dog was unleashed.

“I just had hits coming at me, and then there was the dog biting me and everyone screaming, and I was, like, frozen,” she said.

New Bedford police are investigating the attack, and the dog was taken by animal control.

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