Man arrested after allegedly assaulting police officer, trying to take gun

BOSTON (WHDH) - A man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a Boston police officer and attempted to grab his gun Friday, according to the Boston police.

Police said the suspect approached the officer while he was sitting in his cruiser in the rear parking lot at District D-4 in the South End around 2:15.

According to police, the suspect asked the officer if he could do him a favor, and the officer asked the suspect what he could do for him.

The suspect, who was identified as 35-year-old Arthur Campbell of Boston, then told the officer he wanted to die, and he wanted the officer to shoot him.

The officer then radioed for assistance, and exited the cruiser, while Campbell kept repeating his demands.

The officer noticed Campbell had his hands behind his back, but when he ordered him to show his hands, Campbell refused.

When other officers arrived on scene, Campbell charged at the officer, punching and attempting to tackle him.

Police said Campbell then grabbed for the officer’s gun, and repeatedly tried to pull it from its holster.

The officer was able to pull away from Campbell.

While Campbell was being placed in custody, police said he continued to verbally disrespect the officers.

Campbell was taken to Boston Medical Center for an evaluation, and he will be charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

Boston Police Commissioner Evans released the following statement regarding the incident:

An incident like this underscores the dangers my officers face every day. I can’t praise their handing of this situation enough. Their response to an officer in trouble call was quick and decisive and the restraint shown to a suspect intent and hell-bent on harming himself was nothing short of remarkable. In our nation’s capital this week, police officers from all over the world are there to celebrate National Police Appreciation Week. Here in Boston, my officers once again remind me why it’s important to celebrate and appreciate them every single day.

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