LEOMINSTER, Mass. (WHDH) — Police officers in Leominster have arrested  57-year-old Larry Visco for driving under the influence Monday night. Police say Voscp had a red and blue lights installed in has car, two private investigator badges and three different police hats.

He was also reportedly carrying several hand guns, pellet guns, stun guns and pepper spray.

“Someone very easily could be convinced that that was a police officer,” Leominster Police Officer Elvin Vasquez said.

Visco was reportedly driving under the influence Sunday night when another driver saw him slam into several snow banks before stopping at an intersection.

That person called 911 and told them Visco was passed out in the car with his keys still in the ignition.

Police searching the car also found synthetic marijuana and other drug related items.

They say even though Visco had all of the police equipment they can’t charge him with impersonating a police officer because they didn’t catch him in the act.

“We’ve been inquiring to see if anyone had any dealings with someone impersonating a police officer and possibly the vehicle involved as well,” Vasquez said.

So far Leominster police do not know of any reports of stops by men police impersonators in neighboring towns.

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