WORCESTER, Mass. (WHDH) — A man was arrested after an attempted carjacking in Worcester.

Yvette Delgado saw the whole thing right outside her window.

“They caught him right there. They had him on the ground right there, all cuffed up,” said Delgado.

Worcester Police said it all started around 9:30 Wednesday morning. A Detective Sergeant of the Worcester Police Department was sitting inside his unmarked car on Green Street in Worcester. He was not wearing a uniform, but had his badge around his neck.

That’s when a 51-year-old man walked up to the open window, showed a knife and told the officer that he wanted his car.

“An individual came up to his window, which was open, brandished a knife and ordered him to get out of the car,” said Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst of the Worcester Police Department.

The officer got out of the car and displayed his badge. Then the suspect took off running, the detective was close behind.

“The officer ordered him to drop the knife and he refused to do so,” said Hazelhurst.

The chase lasted only minutes. The officer was able to tackle the man, who was already known to the police in association with other crimes. Another one to add to his list: attempted armed carjacking.

“All said, it turned out just right. No one was hurt and we got a dangerous individual off the street,” said Hazelhurst.

He will be in front of a judge Thursday.

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