Man arrested for DUI accused of flooding Concord, NH police station

CONCORD, N.H. (WHDH) - A 28-year-old New Hampshire man arrested for allegedly driving drunk early Tuesday morning is accused of damaging an overhead sprinkler during the booking process and flooding the Concord police station.

Matthew Miller, of Wilmot, was arrested after allegedly driving erratically in the area of North State Street around 12:19 a.m., according to the Concord Police Department.

When an officer went to retrieve some paperwork at the station, police say Miller damaged an overhead sprinkler, causing a flood in the cell and booking area that damaged computer systems and other electronics and filled the area with more than 6 inches of water.

“We believe alcohol was one factor. There may have been some other things there,” Concord police LT. Sean Ford said when asked about Miller’s alleged actions. “He was able to get himself up there for some reason he thought it was a good idea to take a shower.

As water poured down on his head, Miller screamed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, help me,” a police report indicated.

Police say Miller was within 30 minutes of being released when he yanked the sprinkler out of the ceiling.

Miller was additionally charged with criminal mischief and interfering with a fire alarm apparatus.

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