Man caught reading at Beyonce concert shares his story

A man was caught reading a book during Beyonce’s North Carolina concert.

John Papageorgiou wasn’t there to fan-boy over Lady Bey Tuesday night, he was working a concession stand for his church and sat down to take a break. 

The Greece native said the music was fine, but he really wanted to re-read his favorite book. 

"You know, it’s an old book by Jules Verne," he said.  "It’s a book my parents bought me 53-years ago in Cairo when I was 13-years old. I have read it five or six times. I love it because probably no other book has influenced my love for geography as much as this book. So, I’m sitting there reading the book! I mean, I find Beyonce a great show woman, and very attractive, but her music? Eh, fine, but not my style. I listen to ’50s, ’60s and ’70s music. And a lot of Greek music."

Papageorgiou was reading "Danube Pilot" by Jules Verne in his native Greek. 

He said reading comments about his viral video has kept him laughing. 

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