Man charged with murder after girlfriend says no to marriage proposal

(NBC) — An Indiana man is in jail and has been charged with murder after his live-in girlfriend said she did not want to get married.

Greensburg Police say Jason Eaton, 43, surrendered and told them what happened.

According to court papers, Eaton and Wendy Sabatini, 44, were in the bedroom talking when Eaton approached her with an engagement ring intending to ask her to marry him.

But Sabatini declined before he asked.

That’s when, according to court documents, Eaton retrieved a gun from the night stand, came up behind her, and fired, shooting Sabatini in the head.

Sabatini was a mother of two and a grandmother.

Her son had some home and was eating dinner when police arrived. He had no idea his mother was dead upstairs.

Neighbors are shocked at the incident.


“It’s really sad,” said neighbor Patty Howard. “It’s a sad situation. Really touches your heart. They were good people.”