Man comes face-to-face with black bear in Lawrence neighborhood

LAWRENCE, MA (WHDH) - A 200-pound black bear rumbled through the Tower Hill neighborhood in Lawrence on Monday, giving residents the scare of their lives.

“I was face-to-face with this animal, the bear,” Emanuel DeJesus told 7’s Byron Barnett.

DeJesus was working in his garage when he said he heard a noise and saw a squirrel in distress. He tried to get away from the animal, but fell and skinned his elbows and knees. He said the bear nearly ran him over as it scampered through the streets.

“Like a foot. It didn’t touch me,” DeJesus said when asked how close the bear got to him. He said he thought he was going to die.

DeJesus said the bear jumped over his fence and kept running. A large crowd of people gathered as Massachusetts Environmental Police used a mobilizer to sedate the one-year-old bear.

Sky7 was high above the scene as crews cornered the bear in a yard next to a boat. The bear was placed on a truck and packed in ice to keep its body temperature stable.

Authorities say officer will stay with the bear until the tranquilizer wears off. It will be released into a nearby forest.


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