Man convicted of throwing baby son off bridge to his death

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — A man was convicted of murder Wednesday for throwing his baby son off a 90-foot-high bridge to his death.

Tony Moreno, 23, of Middletown, was convicted by a jury that deliberated for a short time Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. He faces up to 70 years at prison when he’s sentenced May 18.

Moreno threw 7-month-old Aaden off the Arrigoni Bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Middletown and Portland on July 15, 2015, and then jumped intending to kill himself, prosecutors said.

Moreno spent several days in the hospital. Aaden’s body was found by a kayaker 14 miles downstream two days later.

Moreno had a strained relationship with the boy’s mother, prosecutors said.

The mother, 20-year-old Adrianne Oyola, testified that things got worse when she refused his marriage proposal a month before the baby’s death. The two shared custody of Aaden.

A police officer and a hospital psychiatrist testified that Moreno made statements indicating that he had killed the child. Prosecutors also introduced text messages between Moreno and Oyola as evidence, including one where in response to a question about Aaden’s whereabouts, Moreno wrote: “He’s dead. Soon I will be too.”

A crying Moreno testified in his own defense, saying the baby slipped from his arms and he ever intended to harm him.

Defense attorney Norman Pattis said the verdict was disappointing.

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