Man dodges tolls with remote-controlled license plate shield

ORLANDO (WHDH) – Florida Highway Patrol troopers said they arrested a man on a felony charge for avoiding a less than $2 toll fee.

A trooper driving behind Joshua Coonception-West, 27, on Wednesday saw a black cover come down over his license plate just before the car went through a toll plaza.

The screen raised after West’s car crossed through the toll, according the trooper.

Troopers said the device was controlled by remote and that they’ve never seen anything quite like it.

“So for a $1.25 toll, he now has a felony charge. And we want to let people know it’s not worth it. Pay the toll or don’t use the road,” the trooper said.

Troopers don’t know how many times Concepcion-West might have hidden his license plate to dodge tolls.

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