SALEM, N.H. (WHDH) — Steve Cullum was wide-eyed and unsure of what to do on his recent flight home as the woman sitting next to him fell asleep nearly on top of him.

“As soon as she sat down she drifted off to sleep,” said Cullum.

For the hour-long flight from Baltimore to Manchester, New Hampshire, Cullum wrestled with this woman who first rested her sleepy head on his shoulder then basically slumped into his lap.

“That’s my arm, she had my arm pinned,” he said.

For several minutes he tried to wake her, unsuccessfully. So to try to make light of the situation, he pulled out his phone and started recording.

“This is a funny story. Let’s get it on video so friends and family will actually believe me when I tell this story,” said Cullum.

When he posted the video online, he had no idea not only would family and friends see the humor, but a quarter-million strangers as well.

“I never intended that at all. I don’t know really. I could’ve let it really affect me and it could’ve ruined my entire day but I just decided that wasn’t going to happen and I want to laugh about this,” said Cullum.

It was towards the end of the flight when Cullum’s nudging and shifting finally prevailed and his sleepy seat mate shifted to the man on her other side.

“he turned to me and said, ‘Well I guess she’s tired.’ And that was it,” he said.

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