WAREHAM, Mass. (WHDH) — It all started with one man honoring his brother's life, and as one Cape Cod man has discovered, if you combine a good cause and the power of the Internet — anything is possible.

It started out small, but it has grown in a mini movement on Facebook; hundreds of strangers anonymously helping others.

A woman who needed help but was too proud to ask found a check for a $1,000 on the windshield of her car in a CVS parking lot in Wareham. The check said it was from Marc Schluter — but he has been dead for 20 years.

Scott Schluter says his brother, Marc, died in a car accident two days before Christmas 20 years ago. He was 16. Since then, his family has done small good deeds in his brother's name to keep his memory alive.

Now, Scott Schluter has created a Facebook page called, “20 Years Later, a Celebration of Life.” He asks strangers to help others anonymously in Marc’s name

Hundreds have responded.

“There’s $100 of Subway gift cards that have been sent down to the victims of Sandy in Marc’s name,” said Scott Schluter.

Scott Schluter says the good deeds of so many others in Marc’s name have made the normally difficult month much easier.

“They are constantly thanking me on here — and I don't need the thanks. These people are the ones who need the thanks. It is just amazing. All these people doing things in his name and don't even know him,” Schluter said.

Scott Schluter says more than 500 strangers have posted their anonymous good deeds on the Facebook page, some as far away as Alaska.

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