Man in search of pain medication accused of threatening medical assistant in Auburn

AUBURN, MASS. (WHDH) - A Spencer man is facing criminal charges after police say he threatened a medical assistant at an urgent care facility in Auburn while seeking pain medication.

Robert Spencer, 29, was arraigned Wednesday in Worcester Central District Court on a charge of making terroristic threats.

Prosecutors say Spencer was frustrated and manic when he walked into the ReadyMED at 460 Southbridge St. on Tuesday. He then allegedly threatened a medical assistant inside of an exam room, where he was later arrested.

“He told her he wanted drugs, and if they didn’t give them to him, he would go out to his car and get the gun he had,” a prosecutor told the court.

Spencer allegedly told police that he had been to the facility before but that he was not properly diagnosed and in need of drugs.

A search of Spencer’s vehicle did not yield any weapons.

Spencer is being held without bail and is slated to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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