Man, injured and stranded in car for 12 hours, survives

Plains, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Three days before Christmas, Brian Smith is sitting in a hospital bed reading a handmade get well card from his grandsons.

But the 52-year-old from Warrior Run isn’t complaining. In fact, he is counting his blessings.

Brian was driving on I81 in Butler Township last Saturday morning when his car flipped over an embankment and he had no way to call for help.

His cell phone had been ejected from the cup holder.

For the next 12 hours Brian was trapped, with four broken ribs and a fractured ankle.

Alone, in the dark, and in the bitter cold, he never lost consciousness.

But more importantly he never lost hope that someone would find him.

Thanks to the GPS feature on Brian’s cell phone and the persistence of a state police corporal they were able to find him.

Brian says he wouldn’t call it a Christmas miracle, but this happy ending is just as good.

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